Tzacoalco (Jalisco), 1629: concerns about a marriage

Principal editor: 
James Lockhart

Transcriptions and Translations

Analytic Transcription English Translation Spanish Translation
Laçogamatone yn dios ma tto dios moLantzinco yez yhuan te nohuestra senora sancta ma yn amehuatzitzin aLaço anladoque aLtepehuaqui ypan altepeL ytocayocan san peLibe goquiyoL amehueltiticati amochantzinco anguiLanehueya ce donatiuh nican Lalticpac ca mochipa tictochiaLia yn iLhuecacayoL justiciatzin yn dios amo yxquichca tonLachia yoqui tispopoyome tonLatohua auh ma yoqui xicmomachiLtitzinocan senores Ladoque Auh yz catqui yn doLatoLtzin ytechcopa yn topiLtzin nican ohuala dochantzinco motenehua tzaqualco san franco auh otictocaquiltiqui amaL otipaqueque ca neLe meLahuac ya ome xihuiL yhuan Laco oquihualhueca cehuatzinLi nican quimonamictizquiya amo quinique ynin cehuapili yyoLocacopa ompa chan monamectizque auh ma ye[pal?]tzinco dios ma xicmopaLehuilican yn topiLtzin ytoca Juo diego amo xictilchihuacan cana hueyan tochantzinco ca ça ce dios ticLayecoLtia yhuan yc onLamanle tehueyoL ca yyoLocacopa ompa quimochihueLizneque tehueyotica amo ticpanahuezneque ylalnamequiLis ca cenca Laçole tehueyotica ca yoqui techmonahuatiLia sancta ecLesea yhuan teopixquime saserdotis yoqui xicmomachiLtitzinocan anLaço aLatoque tehuantin yn damolaçodahuan Nican ticpachoticati AltepeL motenehua tzacualco san franco yn tixquichtim alldes Regedores timochintin Nican tictoLaLiLilia autincia yn tolatoLtzin amo anquipanahuesque yxquich yn tolatoLtzin ma tto dios amolantzinco yez yhuan toLaçomahueznatzin cehuapiLi sancta ma axca ypan sabato 20 tonaLi metzLe ocdopre yhuan xihuiL 1629 anos Nican tictoLaLiLia tomachioL tofrma Juo bapean escribano po Leon allde Juo ceprean allde diego fiLpe Regedor Juo agostin Regedor Juo miquil Regedor Juo bardasar Regedor po Juo Regedor yhuan doquartian ymahueztocatzin fr miLchior Nican techpachoticati sancta eclesea yhuan fry antris meriena prsetinti yhuan meLahuac oticmatiqui omomiquiLi ynamica-tica axca chicome xihuiL omomiquiLi yhuan amo pachihueyaya toyoLo auh ya nepa cepa oconana amaL ompa çacaLan oquihuaLhueca ypanpa axca meLahuac ticLacamatiqui timochintin yhuan ynatzin yhuan ytatzin yhuan yhueltiuh yhuan yhuayoLcahuan mochintin oquimatiqui yc niLtiz amo yzlacatiLizli amo melahuac yxpantzinco dios Nican titofrmatia maqna barpoLa bardaçar lorenço po mendoça mariana yxquich tomacehuaL toladoltzin ma dios molatzinco yez yhuan dolaçomahueznatzin cehuapiLi sancta ma AmatzinLi quimopohuelizqui laçoladoqui alldes Regedor ypan altepeL san peLipe amehueLtiticati amochantzinco [Transcription by James Lockhart] God is to be thanked. May our lord God and our lady Saint Mary be with you, precious rulers, citizens of the altepetl named San Felipe [Xoquiyotl?], who preside at your home. You tarry for [only] a day here on earth, for we always await the celestial justice of God; from here we cannot see, we speak as the blind, and may you thus know it, lord rulers. And here is what we say about our child [native here] who came here to our home called San Francisco Tzaqualco. We have read the letter; we were glad, for it is true and certain that two and a half years ago he brought a woman and was going to marry her here, but this lady does not wish it; they would like to be married at [your] home there. For the sake of God, help our child named Juan Diego, do not disdain him somewhere far from our home, for we serve only one God, and secondly, [the marriage they plan] is [by] sacrament; they voluntarily want to perform it there through sacrament. We do not wish to go against his intention, for [marriage] by sacrament is very precious, and thus the holy church and the friars and priests instruct us; may you thus know it, dear lords. We your servants here who govern the altepetl called San Francisco Tzaqualco, all we alcaldes and regidores, all here in session issue our statement; you are not to go against what we say. May our lord God and our dear honored mother lady Saint Mary be with you. Today on Saturday, 20th day of the month of October and the year 1629, we place here our rubrics and signatures. Juan Fabián, notary. Pedro de León, alcalde. Juan Ciprián, alcalde. Diego Felipe, regidor. Juan Agustín, regidor. Juan Miguel, regidor. Juan Baltasar, regidor. Pedro Juan, regidor. And our father guardian, whose revered name is fray Melchor, rules us here [in matters of] the holy church, along with fray Andrés [Meriena?], president. And we found it to be true that his former wife died; she died seven years ago now. And we were not yet satisfied, and [in addition] once he took a letter to Çacatlan and brought back [one in reply], wherefore now we have all recognized it as true, and his mother and father and older sister and relatives all recognized it; it is not a lie or falsehood, before God. Here we sign. Magdalena Bárbola. Baltasar Lorenzo. Pedro de Mendoza. Mariana. These are all of our humble words. May God and our dear honored mother lady Saint Mary be with you. The precious rulers, the alcaldes and regidores in the altepetl of San Felipe, presiding at your home, are to read the letter. [Translation by James Lockhart]
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